Viñedos Canalva

The Vineyard

Bodegas Cañalva, produces its exquisite wines only from its own vineyards, which are at an altitude between 600 and 700 meters above sea level; settled on poor slate soils; and with an annual pluviometry of almost 1,000 liters per year.

We currently have 20 hectares of vineyard, on two different farms.

* FINCA CARRASCAL BAJO (20 hectares) Vineyard planted on trellises, to have quality wines, and the varieties we have on this estate are:







Bodegas Cañalva, takes great care in the vineyard, since the quality of the grapes and the viticulture practices that take place in our vineyard are essential for making high quality wines. Currently we have a formation in the DOUBLE CORDON ROYAT vineyard, with 3 thumbs on each arm, that is, 6 thumbs, and from each thumb 2 rods are born, and each rod we only leave one bunch; in total per vine, we have 12 bunches of grapes of immense quality.

To obtain this, we have to carry out part of the very important PRUNING of the vineyard (in winter), the most important thing in the vineyard; what is to PRUNE IN GREEN (in spring); which Cañalva wineries does in a very rigorous way to remove all the unwanted shoots, and remove abundant grapes that bring the strain in the sprouting; Each strain when sprouting can have between 40 and 50 clusters; and we only leave 12 bunches at most; This is how the QUALITY WINEMAKING is done, in order to have QUALITY WINES.

The harvest is completely manual, the grapes are cut by hand, and we do it at night, to take the grapes to the winery first thing in the morning; this is fundamental for the temperature of the grape; that it arrives at the winery as fresh as possible, and not in the heat. This way we will obtain higher quality wines.

All these viticulture practices are not usually done by many people; since it involves a lot of labor, and very high economic costs; and above all, take much less grapes in the vineyard; practically 2/3 less grape; but the important thing about all this is THE QUALITY OF THE GRAPE; which translates into QUALITY OF WINE, and Bodegas Cañalva is what you bet on.

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