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Cañamero wines selling for half a century

Cañalva Wine Cellars, situated in Cañamero, in the province of Cáceres, is a vineyard with more than half a century of experience in winegrowing and the production of our exquisite wines.


Wines from Cañamero

Cañamero has a proper name in the world of wines from Extremadura thanks to its ancestral tradition.

Symbol of culture and quality, its grapes are the fruit of a natural paradise. Located in the Villuercas region, next to the Guadiana riverbank, we find a personality of its own.

Bodegas Cañalva has been producing the best of our land for three generations. A careful selection of the fruit directed by expert winemakers and the use of the most advanced technologies make it come to your table with the highest quality.

We learned from our elders the hard work and the obsession to improve day by day so that the taste of our wines is a delicacy that will accompany you in your best moments.

From the careful obtaining of the fruit to the pampered elaboration and packaging, our main desire is that you enjoy as much as we in the elaboration.

We also offer great seriousness in deliveries to ensure that you can celebrate any moment with wines from our winery.


After the correct maturation of the grapes in the vineyard, each of our varieties has been carefully selected.

Carried carefully to the winery, the grapes are subjected to a new quality control.

Different types of elaboration will give rise to a wide range of excellent wines; From the vinification made by the classic method of encubado of the musts with their pastes, for the vinification in reds, until the despalillado and crushed of the grapes and its later fermentation of the yema, for the vinification of whites, without forgetting our vinification Of the wines of "pitarra", so peculiar of our privileged zone.


Our wines are then aged in French oak barrels, hand-made by the best coopers.

Inside these barrels, the aging and stabilization of our wines begins..

Once the process of aging in wood, from 6 to 24 months, the bottling time comes and its subsequent aging in the bottle, where Bodegas Cañalva wines finish their journey with a quiet rest until their total refinement and roundness.



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